Special Programs

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Date Title Presenter
2020-02-22 Religious Liberty Esther Kohler Play
2020-02-01 To or Not To Gayln Bowers Play
2019-11-30 What Happened at Calvary Esther Kohler Play
2019-10-26 Remember Sherri Leland Play
2019-10-05 Spiritual Warfare John Holbrook Play
2019-09-14 Broken Shan Kimbley Play
2019-09-07 A Big Fake Esther Kohler Play
2019-08-24 Distinguished Proficiency Lorena Bowers Play
2019-05-04 The Night is Coming Mario Reategui Play
2019-04-20 For God So Loves Me Sherri Leland Play
2019-02-16 Religious Liberty Esther Kohler Play
2019-02-09 How Long O Lord Bruce Hehn Play
2019-02-02 Fight Flight or.... Sherri Leland Play
2019-12-29 A Song in the Air Esther Kohler Play
2018-12-15 Do You See What I See Sherri Leland Play
2018-11-24 Not I But Christ Mitch Hazekamp Play
2018-10-13 The Story Made Simple Mitch Hazekamp Play
2018-09-22 Steady On Sherri Leland Play
2018-09-15 Cleaning Out the Well Mitch Hazekamp Play
2018-09-01 Holy Treasures Mitch Hazekamp Play
2018-08-18 A Sobering Lesson Esther Kohler Play
2018-08-11 The Homecoming Mitch Hazekamp Play
2018-08-04 The Process Jeff Pearls Play
2018-07-21 The Touch of Faith Mitch Hazekamp Play
2018-07-14 Living Love Letters Mitch Hazekamp Play
2018-05-19 Waiting Sherri Leland Play
2018-02-03 Before Everything Victor Maddox Play
2018-01-20 Religious Liberty Esther Kohler Play
2017-12-16 It's Christmas and Music Fills the Air Esther Kohler Play
2017-08-19 Make Disciples John Holbrook Play
2017-07-01 The Smell of a Christian Victor Maddox Play
2017-06-17 Clean Slate Sherri Leland Play
2017-05-20 Living the Christian Life in Simplicity Esther Kohler Play
2017-05-13 Living God's Health Plan E.W. Dempsey Play
2017-03-18 Practicing Joy Sherri Leland Play
2017-02-18 Singles in the Family Esther Kohler Play
2017-01-21 Mortgage Burning Mitch Hazecamp Play
2016-11-05 Three Sons Esther Kohler Play
2016-08-13 Inquiring Minds Want to Know Sherri Leland Play
2016-07-09 Stewardship in Everything Mitch Hazecamp Play
2016-05-21 God's Jewelry Esther Kohler Play
2016-04-16 Who was Lydia? Sherri Leland Play
2016-02-13 Follow Sherri Leland Play
2015-12-19 THEN August Pellom Play
2015-12-05 Christ is Born Don Keele Play
2015-11-28 Comings, Goings...Staying August Pellom Play
2015-11-21 A New Heaven and a New Earth Esther Kohler Play
2015-08-29 Wait John Holbrook Play
2015-08-15 Dare to be a Josiah Sherri Leland Play
2015-05-15 Little White Lies Mitch Hazecamp Play
2015-02-27 The Price of Liberty August Pellom Play
2015-01-16 To Believe or Not to Believe Esther Kohler Play
2014-11-14 A Man Who Asked For Directions Sherri Leland Play
2014-09-19 A Feel Good Sermon Paul Dettlaff Play
2014-08-15 Joshua Esther Kohler Play
2014-07-20 Got Your Keys? Sherri Leland Play
2014-07-04 What Is Love? Dawn Holbrook Play
2014-04-18 Have You Nudged the Crowd Lately? Ed Stover Play
2014-03-14 Standing on the Promises Esther Kohler Play
2013-09-20 This is the Day Sherri Leland Play
2013-07-12 John Holbrook John Holbrook Play
2013-05-24 In the Night August Pellom Play
2013-05-17 Time is Running Out, Part 1 Bill Rathbun Play
2013-05-10 Mothering Sherri Leland Play
2013-04-19 Heritage August Pellom Play
2013-03-22 Love Can Build a Bridge Mitch Hazecamp Play
2013-02-15 It's Not About the Land Sherri Leland Play
2013-02-08 Masters Choral Masters Choral Play
2013-01-18 Walking With God August Pellom Play
2012-12-14 The Good Shepherd Bill Rathbun Play
2012-11-16 Praise4Him Praise4Him Play
2012-11-02 Religious Liberty 101 Amireh Al-Haddad Play
2012-10-26 “Fish Story: An exaggerated or incredible story” Sherri Leland Play
2012-10-19 Some Things Hard to Be Understood August Pellom Play
2012-07-27 A Light in a Dark Place Bill Rathbun Play
2012-07-13 He Already Knew Stephanie Sheehan Play
2012-06-22 Somewhere Along the Road Sherri Leland Play
2012-06-15 Facing the Future Unafraid Johnnathan Ward Play
2012-05-25 Hear Ye, Him August Pellom Play
2012-05-11 Higher Ground Kelly Mower Play
2012-04-27 It's Not Fair David Smith Play
2012-04-20 What a Story Sherri Leland Play
2012-03-23 It's Easier to Be Saved Neal Reed Play
2011-05-27 Jesus and Me August Pellom Play
2011-02-18 Words of Light John Holbrook Play
2011-02-11 Chatsworth's Male Quartet Chatsworth's Male Quartet Play
2010-10-08 United John Holbrook Play
2010-10-01 Shame and Grace Joey Rivera Play
2010-08-27 Lessons From a Pez Chris Bullock Play
2010-08-20 What is Wrong With Us? John Holbrook Play
2010-08-13 Proclaiming God's Word in a Wordless World Michael Hasel Play
2010-07-02 What's In a Name August Pellom Play
2010-05-14 Spirit of Power Robert DeForest Play
2010-03-12 The Elijah Message Phillip Samann Play
2009-09-25 Three Men and One God David Penno Play
2009-09-18 Neither Do I Condemn You David Penno Play
2009-09-11 Tell Someone David Penno Play
2009-06-19 What is Marriage- It's Work Joe Rivera Play
2009-06-12 He is Waiting for You John Holbrook Play
2009-05-29 Ye Cannot Come August Pellom Play
2008-11-14 Stratego Chris Bullock Play
2008-10-31 God's Dream Team Jerry Fore Play
2008-07-18 Everything Must Change Chris Bullock Play
2008-03-07 Women's Minisitries Sabbath Sherri Leland Play